Korban Blend


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Valerie Peck
Best Coffee Beans Ever!

I love these beans so much. They will now be my new go to beans. We use them in a French press and the taste is so delicious. Very smooth and non-acidic. I look forward to getting up and having coffee now.

Ana V
Just like at the coffee shop!

Love this blend, when brewed right, it’s just like having a cup at Mazevo!

Katya Sina
An Incredible Espresso Blend

We love this espresso! It has a wonderful flavor and great aroma, much better than the stuff we were buying from Costco for our Breville Barista pro! It just goes to show that small batch roasts are better!

John Forslund
Lively, Versatile, Refreshing!

I love this blend for my daily espresso drinks. I usually do double/triple mochas on my Strega lever, using an Evolution V4 stepless grinder. Also makes a lively traditional machiatto.
I love the fruited balance, with gentle hints of spice & praline. The light cinnamon roast seems to lend itself to a fresh, brilliant cupping every time. My go-to blend!

John F
Yums Up!

Just a beautiful espresso. The perfect blend coupled with a light roast brings out a muriad of fruits and gentle acidity in the top, with tantalizing praline in the bottom. I love it any time, day or night!