Fresh Roasted Mazevo Coffee

When people ask us about better brewing tips, getting the grind right is always at the top of the list.


When to Grind.

Coffee ages rapidly when it comes in contact with oxygen. That is why it is promptly sealed into bags with one way degassing valves after the roast. When you grind your coffee the oxidation process is accelerated tremendously. For the best results grind your coffee no more than 10-15 minutes before you brew it.


Burr is better.

If your grind appears to be unevenly chopped or looks shattered, chances are you’re using a blade grinder. Typically, burr grinders are better, giving you a more even grind and a more balanced brew. With an inconsistent grind your coffee is prone to over & under extraction. If desperate, blade grinders do the trick but burr is best.


Dial it in.

When brewing coffee, hot water is used to extract flavor from the beans. How quickly the flavor is extracted is determined by a few key elements. Grind Size & Brew Time. 

Course ground coffee has less surface area touching the water resulting in a slower extraction. The reverse is true, too. The more surface area the water touches, the faster it extracts. Basically, if you extract too much coffee your cup will taste bitter and chalky. On the reverse, if it is under extracted, it will taste sour. Taste is the key. If you find your coffee is tasting too strong or bitter you may need to coarsen your grind or lower your dose. If it’s too weak, or watery, you might tighten your grind or increase your dose. Experiment away, and find what suits you best.

We’re here to help.

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