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LiveHisLove || In Business to Seek Justice


Through the power of Christ's love and the utilization of business, LiveHisLove exists to be the hands and feet of God by sharing hope to the oppressed; giving positive, practical solutions to helpless communities around the world.


In Isaiah chapter one we are told "Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow." Obeying this command effectively can't be something one man or one business accomplishes by themselves. The feat of seeking justice and more importantly, making disciples of all nations by loving people with the practical love of Jesus, can only be done through the whole body of Christ being unified. In America our eyes are blinded to some of the injustices going on right under our noses. If I am honest, I don't fully even understand this myself. What I do know though, is that we need to stand up together and live the love of Jesus. We need to practically be His hands and feet; being a light in the world to give hope to the oppressed. Being fervent prayer that God would work in the American church opening our hearts and eyes to see what He sees.

LiveHisLove exists to fight injustice. We are using 100 percent of our profits and endless hours fighting for those who can't. As we see it, the problem which underlies the greatest injustices in our world is fundamentally extreme poverty. Human Trafficking, exploitation, etc. is largely cause by extreme poverty. However, we see the people of Honduras as the solution to the problem of extreme poverty, and low employment in Honduras.  Same with Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia, and every other country we work in. To break the chains of poverty, we empower people to start small businesses or find employment. We desire to propel an uprising against injustice through awareness, community and restoration.

Imagine with me for a minute what it would look like if the board of a company like Starbucks was seeking to glorify Christ. With revenues of approximately $10.7 billion every year and over 24,000 stores around the world, Starbucks is playing a huge role in the coffee industry. Now, if Starbucks overall mission became like the one stated above imagine the effect that could have on the coffee world. They would no longer be ok with sourcing beans from farms that are exploiting their workers. They would no longer be okay with supporting the anti-God agenda of today. Instead, the love of Christ through the Holy Spirit would compel them into action, using the power they have in the coffee industry for the glory of Christ.


Now I am not saying we want to be like Starbucks. Our goal is to build a company that can compete not in the "missions coffee" market but in all coffee markets. We want to not only survive but to thrive while never leaving our core values and never forgetting the oppressed.

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